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With wireless Plug&Play sensor solutions, we create an optimal working environment that is comfortable for you.

Who are we?

2MenSolutions is a Dutch company with an exclusive focus on the digital end-to-end sensor and detection market. In spring 2020 we started with a special focus on the Dutch market. The solutions of 2MenSolutions create safety and comfort in a demanding economy, in order to achieve an environment where people want to be and work. We believe that smart technology is only truly powerful when it is accessible and simple for everyone to use, leaving you safe, inspired and fulfilled in your work.
Our mission is to create a more sustainable, safer working environment with smart sensor and detection technology that is, above all, comfortable. At the same time, we want to help you gain more insight into your daily operations and therefore create opportunities.
By using innovative detection/sensor solutions and our industry expertise, we contribute to the development of safer surroundings where people want to be and work.
2MenSolutions pursues a digital end-to-end sensor and detection market where innovation, simplicity, quality, safety and reliability are leading.

''We only have one focus -
That is creating the optimal environment that you deserve.''

2MenSolutions is opgericht met de ambitie om dé optimale werkomgeving te creëren door verder te kijken dan alleen de digitale inzichten. Door onze zakelijke achtergrond bij toonaangevende internationale bedrijven en ontelbare werk uren in de digitale/operationele markt, kennen we de behoeften waaraan een optimale omgeving moet voldoen. Daarom hebben wij ons volledig verdiept in de innovatieve Plug&Play sensor oplossingen en detectie technologie. 
Het is onze missie om échte problemen op te lossen waarbij eenvoud centraal staat. Wij bieden comfort, veiligheid en zekerheid door middel van onze innovatieve technologieën. Zo kun jij al je zorgen vergeten die de traditionele markt kenmerkt. We leveren deze innovatieve oplossingen met een impact vanaf dag één door te luisteren naar wat jij nodig hebt om jouw werk gemakkelijker te maken.


Founder & CTO / CFO


Arnaud is a technical business engineer with extensive technical expertise and over 20 years of experience. He has gained this experience at several leading operational engineering companies, including Shell International. He is responsible for the technical vision of 2MenSolutions and will be in charge of the strategic direction, technological development and future growth. He will also take care of the financial planning, administration and reporting.
Founder & CTO / CFO


Dennis is a salesman with over 15 years of experience in the sensor and detection equipment business. He has a successful entrepreneurial history, founding a business that has several renowned retail companies as customers, including Hunkemöller, Rituals and Harley Davidson. He supervises all ongoing activities within 2MenSolutions. In addition, he is responsible for increasing the sales to meet and exceed company targets.
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